Official name: Republic of Kosovo
Local short name: Kosova/Kosovë/Kosovo
Capital: Prishtina/Prishtinë/Pristina
Location: Southeast Europe
Domonym: Kosovar, Kosovan
Population: 2.2 mil (estimation)
Age Structure: 0-14 years:     25.82%
15-64 years:    67.15%
65 years and over: 7.4%
Median Age: 28.2 years (estimation)
Density: 220/km2 l 500/sq mi (estimation)
Life Expectancy: 70
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Independence Day: 17 February 2008 (from Serbia)
Area: 10 908 km2/4,212 sq miles
Currency: Euro
GDP per capita: € 3,000 (IMF, 2015 estimate)
Language: Official: Albanian, Serbian. Other: English, Turkish, German
Religion: Muslim, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox
Time zone: UTC +1
Literacy rate: Males: 98
Females: 90