Internet and Phone

Kosovo’s Internet connectivity is among the best in the world. It has a nationwide broadband wireless backbone, which allows businesses and individuals to obtain high-speed, reliable, Internet connections at prices at or below those available in Western Europe and the United States. Internet cafés abound in the cities, making it easy for individuals, including those of modest means, to maintain regular access to email and Web pages.

Most Kosovar businesses and non-profit organizations of any size have web pages and Social Network Profiles, but little has been done so far to establish e-commerce and other forms of Internet intermediation and software services in Kosovo.

The majority of Kosovars rely on cell phones rather than landline telephones. The fixed telephone system has been upgraded since the war and is reliable. Cell phone service is available from competing providers at prices competitive with that available elsewhere in Europe. The three main mobile phone companies in Kosovo are: Vala; IPKO, and Z-Mobile. For more information about prices of these services visit:


Media in Kosovo

Media in Kosovo is regulated based on Kosovo Constitution (Laws on Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression).  In 2013, the Parliament of the republic of Kosovo passed the law to protect the journalist sources. This law was based on Belgian Standards which are considered as most advanced in Europe.


Online Media in Kosovo is still not regulated by laws even though the Code of the Press Council of Kosovo offers guidelines for online journalism such as publishing, controlling etc.


Based on IREX, there are around 92 radios and 22 television stations in Kosovo.

Medias in Kosovo are free to enter in market after they are registered at Kosovo Business Registration Agency as well as procedures at Independent Media Commission. Regarding the economic situation, Private Media in Kosovo is very unsustainable and it is depended on politics and businesses.


Print Media



Koha Ditore is the biggest newspaper in Kosovo established in 1999. Other newspapers include; Zeri, Express, Kosova Sot, Lajm, Kosova Sport, Bota Sot.


There are six radios which are mostly broadcasted in Kosovo. Radio Kosova is a public station run by Kosovo Radio-Television. Some of other radio stations include; Radio Dukagjini, Radio21, Radio BlueSky, Radio K4 etc. There are also local radios ( Radio Peja, radio Mitrovica, Radio PULS –in Serbian etc)  which are broadcasted within specific regions of Kosovo.



Television in Kosovo, as the main source of information in Kosovo, is founded in 1975.


Kosovo Radio-Television (RTK) is a national public channel broadcasting in both Albanian, Serbian and Roma languages.

KohaVision (KTV) is a national TV broadcaster with interactive programs.

TV 21 is also a national TV broadcaster.

Klan Kosovo is a relatively new private TV broadcaster. Run some creative programs.