Kullat, resemble Kosovar traditional households which were built usually with rocks and clay or mud.

These buildings would then become the designing reference from which objects such as ‘sahat kulla’ and other secular buildings would be based upon.

The most famous Kulla is that of “Rilindja”. Another famous building of the same nature is “Kulla e Demukajve”.

Kalate on the other hand, were built on high mountains and served for fortified buildings as a symbol of resistance towards various occupiers.

Famous buildings of sorts are:

Kalaja e Prizrenit

Kalaja e Artanës

Kalaja e Kaçanikut

Kalaja e Pogragjës

There are a lot of Bridges in Kosovo, given that the hydrography of Kosovo is very developed, the need for bridges on top of rivers was inevitable.

Some very famous bridges are:

The old stone bridge of Vushtrria

Bridge of Ibri (which connects the south and north parts of the city of Mitrovica).

Stone Bridge in Prizren

National Museum of Kosovo

Ethnological Museum of Kosovo