Outdoor / Recreation

Kosovo’s mountains are highly suitable for skiing and/or skateboarding. Brezovica, the Albanian Alps, Brod, Prevalla, Bajgora, and Qyqavica, are only some of the places where mountain tourism experiences a “boom” for winter skiing. These mountains attract visitors from all across the globe but with a higher probability from ski loving countries such as Austria, Slovenia, Japan, and Canada. The preservation of wild animals and endangered plant species in these areas could also be a social attraction for many.

Hiking and camping in Kosovo is closely related to the amazing nature composition of the mountains. Kosovo’s cultural and archeological heritage is certainly a must-see for many individuals especially from Western Europe. Castles and fortresses such as the one in Prizren, Vushtrri, Fushe-Kosove, and Mitrovica clearly send visitors back in time, thus hiking along those castles and camping there will talk a lot about our culture which derives millennials ago.

Kosovo’s water reserves especially Batllava, Radoniqi, and Badovci can be used for canoeing, whereas the Rugova Canyon can be utilized for rafting. The Mirusha Waterfall would certainly attract many visitors from the Balkans as it’s a rare waterfall with many pathways that cut the ground in many dimensions creating an exemplary attraction.

Bowling is available in a myriad of shopping malls across Kosovo, but the most famous one reside in Prishtina-Albi Mall and Gjilan-Albanica Mall.

Mini-golf can be found in Vali Ranch- in Gjilan. Amazing improvised landscapes await the tourist who wants to play golf in Kosovo as a means of escaping a tiresome routine.

When visiting Kosovo, keep an eye for Paintball designated spaces, which can be found alongside busy roads. The purpose of the location of these spaces is visibility for tourists who visit Kosovo.

Have you ever done kayaking in Balcans? Or in a lake? If not, you are lucky!

You can do kayak in Kosovo. For more information click here.