Major Festivals In Kosovo

Sunny Hill Festival, the first of its kind, held its first edition in 2018, namely 10-12 in August.

The official statement of the organizers of this festival is the following:

SUNNY HILL Festival is set to be the biggest festival to be organized in Kosovo up to this date.

The Festival will be a continuation of two very successful concerts organized for two-times Brits Awards winner, DUA LIPA in the capitals of Kosovo and Albania, that gathered around 40.000 people altogether, and set a different standard regarding concert and event organizing in Kosovo.

Sunny Hill progressed from a concert to a Festival, so we can offer something that has been missing so much from the music lovers in South East Europe.

Our aim is to create a festival of a high standard, one that will put Prishtina and Kosovo on the music and festival map as a place that is worth visiting, a place that loves music and knows how to have fun.

We want to attract visitors from all over the world to come and visit our country and enjoy the festival, and performances from dozens of artists of different genres.

In this festival, a myriad of worldwide famous artists performed. The list of those artists is as follows:

Dua Lipa

Action Bronson

Martin Garrix


S. G. Lewis

Grace Carter



Ledri Vula

MC Kresha & Lyrical Son

Dafina Zeqiri




Lumi B

Genc Salihu


Ylli Megi

Syte Band

The link of the Aftermovie of Sunny Hill Festival 

The Prishtina’s International Festival of New Music, is the result of the work of a group of talented kosovar composers led by Rafet Rudi, the initiator of the whole idea. The main aim of the Festival is to promote contemporary music through presentation of different stylistic tendencies of the XX century up to the present day.

In the three first editions of the present Festival, we had the honor to receive, among the guest artists: Aki Takahashi(Japan), Mondriaan Quartet (Netherland), Peter Sheppard Skaerved   (England), Stockholm Saxofone Quartet(Sweden),  Choir  Pravoslavie (Bulgaria), Trio Fibonacci (Canada), Rafael Andia (France), Jean Jacques Balet & Mayumi Kameda (Switzerland), Marcel Worms (Netherland), Kifu Mitsuhashi  &  Nanae Yoshimura (Japan), Ian Pace (Great Britain), Andreas Lewin Richter (Spain), Ehat Musa (France), Irene Maessen (Netherland), Annette Vande Gorne (Belgium), Pascal Godart (France), Orphelié Gaillard (France), Florent Héau (France), Eleonore Pameijer (Netherland), Ensemble contemporain du Conservatoire de Genève (Switzerland),  Ensemble Amra(Albania), Ensemble Vivendi (Kosovo), etc. The works of Bartok, Stravinsky, Hindemith, Shostakovich, Messiaen, Ligeti, Scelsi, Pendereczki, Takemitsu, Nishimura, Xenakis, Nancarrow, Rzewski, Parmerud, Murail, Dusapin, Radelescu, Clarke ect. have been performed.

An additional relationship is established between kosovar music creators and their colleagues from around the world, as our renowned guests always include works of our composers in their performances. On the other hand, these encounters give to our performing artists the opportunity to present their artistic expression amidst valuable international competitors.

The Prishtina International Film Festival, taking place since 2009, presents the best Kosovar films to the international audience, with an aim to improve the film industry within our country. Run by the board, which includes its President who is also an Oscar and Golden Globe winner, Vanessa Redgrave, she brings in the contacts within the film world for the festival. The Pri Film Festival also intends to promote Kosovo as a newborn country through its culture, one of them being film. Through this festival, Kosovar film makers and actors will have the opportunity to meet with international professionals in the film industry and will be able to promote their projects to them and show their talent.

The Prishtina Jazz Festival is known to be one of the most cultural and artistically enlightening events that occur within a year in Kosovo. It, too, brings about important and significant artists from all around the world letting the jazz scene in Kosovo flow from head to toe. This festival has also developed a strong local jazz scene especially within Prishtina which has also led to collaborations with international artists and other festivals. Such artists are: Uri Caine, Tom Kennedy, Reggie Washington, Giulio Martino, Willard Dyson, Bob Albanese and more including a few of many of our local artists such as Besim Gashi, Faruk Musliu, and Visar Kuqi.

Today, the festival is close to its sixth edition and has reached a place within the network of the European and World Jazz Festivals.

The Prishtina DAM Festival in Kosovo is also known as the International Festival of Young Musicians. It has been taking place since the year 1996 and allows the city and the public to enjoy a week of international and national line-up of participants in Contemporary Music and Classical Music.

There are many persons that have awed the world with their talent in contemporary music that are being presented as participants in the DAM Festival such as Alexander Prior (British), the Italian pianist, Maurizio Mastrini, Turkish soprano, Pervin Chakar, Petrit Ceku (Croatia) and more.

40 Bunar Fest is a non – traditional festival, that is held in Prizren.
In this festival all the people, whoever wants, applies and get’s in race with tractor tires in the river Bistrica.
The river is cold and dangerous, that’s why you need to take something that’s gonna protect you during the race.

The helmet is very important, because the chances to smash into the rocks during the race is high. Lifejacket is important too, because it helps you from the scratchings, naturally it saves your life – if you don’t know to swim.