The historical sword of Skenderbeu reenacted in Llap, Kosovo

The historical sword of Skenderbeu reenacted in Llap, Kosovo
This November (2019), Bedri said that he has created the symbol of the “Albanian King”, the sword of Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu.

Bedri Kadriu, a middle-aged man works in his atelier crafting artistic pieces in a village in Podujeva.

If he is crafting something with historical background, he uses popular tales told by the elderly to add the realistic touch to his work.

Bedri’s most known work is now the sword that he has placed on top of the hill of Llap region in Kosovo. This sword looks very much like the Excalibur sword that rises high in the UK.

The sword is made of a special strong metal structure, rises 4 meters tall and took approximately 3 weeks to be finished. The craftsmanship behind this symbol is astonishing, as it is made to withstand the strong winds of winter in Kosovo. Bedri thought about the structure, as he has built this sword according to aerodynamic laws, so it will stand there (hopefully) forever.

I want this sword to remain a tourist attraction forever.

Momentarily, he is crafting a sculpture of a child that fell martyr in the latest war in Kosovo, together with her sibling at their school’s backyard. He plans to enact this sculpture coming new year in the schoolyard so as to put the historical piece together.

Bedri Kadriu is a true artist who tells stories through carefully crafted pieces that make his work inspiring for so many people.

Author: Diar Ramadani