Quarantined Optimism

Quarantined Optimism
Get on with your bucket list in advance!

The outbreak of the COVID-19 showed that a pandemic can shift the perception about how humans live their lives in the 21st century. This era of technology and virtual communication has had a “slap of reality” by a virus outbreak, because for once people can see that the virtual world is not as good when seen from a different optic – that of a quarantined life. A virus outbreaks and everyone is told to practice social distancing – or more like physical distancing and social solidarity. In hard times like these, people must stand for one another using virtual life to connect to one another rather than distance from each other as it normally happens.

Sherry Turkle, a famous social psychologist, in her book Alone Together mentions that humans see the online world as escapism from the real one. Quarantine has proven the opposite. Nevertheless, amidst all of this hardship – prospering is inevitable. Humans have survived far worse viruses and outbreaks alike, so it is crucial to remain optimistic even at such challenging times. One way how we can contract optimism is by planning our lives after the “Quarantined Life” is over!

The best plans we can write down as of now, are the places we can visit with very little money. So look for cheap places where you would help with local economies and also have fun for yourself! Hit the small countries that are developing – who are willing to outperform in tourism so as to attract more visitors for the betterment of their society, especially retrieving economically.

Here is an idea: Plan to visit Kosovo!

In Kosovo, the state authorities are managing the outbreak really well, considering the measures taken. People are advised to self-isolate when showing symptoms, and others are advised to stay at home to avoid contracting the virus or spreading it without knowing. The patients confirmed with the virus are being treated in respective medical centers and the situation is under control. This situation sets the stage for optimism!

The restaurants, bars, pubs, and shopping spots have all been closed after the first case with the virus was confirmed, plus all of the touristic attractions have been disinfected in the first week of the outbreak. This shows that Kosovo could be the first country in the Balkans prepared to expect tourists who would like to be in Kosovo and enjoy a vacation after the exhausting and anxious times that the virus has caused.

Once designated authorities of Kosovo declare that it is safe to frequent places where there are a large number of people – then one must definitely consider traveling to Kosovo as the first option.

Traveling to Kosovo after this huge societal challenge that COVID-19 poses, is probably the best idea. People have already spent so much of their resources in trying to provide enough supplies in the long-run for their households that it could mean that assets for traveling are limited. Well, Kosovo is the place to visit when one has limited means since it is cheap and very welcoming. Visiting Kosovo would be a huge boost for the economy at this point – you would enjoy a great time knowing that as a tourist, you helped Kosovo recover from the side-effects of the virus.

The people who are small business owners would very much enjoy tourists, as they would see them as saviors of their modest ventures whose sole survival chances are through tourism. The tour guides who have been quarantined for long are fully energized to narrate every bit of Kosovo’s background. The chauffeurs are ready to drive to every edge of Kosovo restlessly.

Kosovo is waiting to still be discovered by adventurist tourists.

Once the COVID-19 ends, which optimistically is very soon – put Kosovo on the bucket list. Be in Kosovo and enjoy so much for so little!

But until then, take great care of yourself!

Author: Diar Ramadani