The Kosovo Political system is framed as a parliamentary representative democratic republic, where the country’s prime minister is the head of the government and the multi-party system. The executive power, additionally, is exercised by the government whereas the legislative power lies upon both the government and the Assembly of Kosovo.  The president of Kosovo is the Head of State and is elected by the Assembly of Kosovo whereas the judicial power is independent of the legislature and the executive powers.

Local short form:Kosovo
Conventional long form:Republic of Kosovo
Government type:Republic
Capital:Pristina (Prishtinë, Prishtina)
Administrative divisions:37 Municipalities
Independence:17 February 2008 (from Serbia)
Constitution:Adopted by the Kosovo Assembly on 9 April 2008; effective 15 June 2008
Legal system:Evolving legal system based on terms of UN Special Envoy Martti AHTISAARI’s Plan for Kosovo’s supervised independence
Suffrage:18 years of age; universal
Elections:Last held on June 2014(next expected to be held in 2018)
Major Political Parties: 

Partia Demokratike e Kosoves (PDK)

Lidhja Demokratike e Kosoves (LDK)


Aleance per Ardhmerine e Kosoves (AAK)

Aleance Kosova e Re (AKR)


Executive branch:
Chief of state:Hashim Thaqi (Since April 07, 2016)

Head of government:


Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj




Ministers; elected by the Kosovo Assembly

First Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Behxhet Pacolli
Deputy Prime MinisterFatmir Limaj
Deputy Prime MinisterEnver Hoxhaj
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Communities and Returns
Dalibor Jevtić
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Diaspora
Dardan Gashi
Minister of the Kosovo Security ForceRrustem Berisha
Minister of InfrastructurePal Lekaj
Minister of FinancesBedri Hamza
Minister of HealthUran Ismajli
Minister of Culture, Youth and SportsKujtim Gashi
Minister of European IntegrationDhurata Hoxha
Minister of JusticeAbelard Tahiri
Minister of Innovation and EntrepreneurshipBesim Beqaj
Minister of Labour and Social WelfareSkender Reçica
Minister of Education, Science and TechnologyShyqeri Bytyqi
Minister of Trade and IndustryEndrit Shala
Minister of Internal AffairsEkrem Mustafa
Minister of Economic DevelopmentValdrin Lluka
Minister of Environment and Spatial PlanningFatmir Matoshi
Minister of Administration and Local GovernmentIvan Todosijević
Minister of AgricultureDijana Zivić
Minister of Public AdministrationMahir Yağcılar
Minister of Rural DevelopmentRasim Demiri